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Cosmetic Dentistry
Veneer Color Correction High Low
Cracked Tooth High Low
Laser Whitening High Low
Close Space High Low
Home Whitening High Low

Cusp Fractures
3/4 Crown High Low
Crown High Low
Filling High Low
Crown Lengthening High Low
Root Canal - Direct High Low
Root Canal - Indirect High Low

Tooth Decay
Crown High Low
Extraction High Low
Filling High Low
Inlay High Low
Onlay High Low
Root Canal - Direct High Low
Root Canal - Indirect High Low
How Teeth Decay High Low

Multiple Missing Teeth
Bar Supported Denture High Low
Do Nothing High Low
Full Denture High Low
Implant Supported Denture High Low
Removable Partial Denture High Low

Single Missing Tooth
Bridge High Low
Cantilever Bridge High Low
Do Nothing High Low
Implant / Cemented Crown High Low
Implant / Fixed Crown High Low
Maryland Bridge High Low

Periodontal Disease
About Periodontal Disease High Low
Gingival Grafting High Low
Scaling High Low

Brushing High Low
Flossing High Low
Sealants High Low
Regular Dental Visits High Low

Wisdom Teeth
Partially Erupted High Low
Impacted High Low


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